Landscape Board


Last updated on 06/27/2017

Barry Bush - Chair

Martha "Marty" Moore - Vice-Chair

Dr. Bill Hanlin - Member

Sam Call - Utilities Director

Ronald A. Dollyhite - Member

1 vacant position - Member

Brian Severt - Public Works Director

Planning & Community Development Director Andrew Carlton

Councilwoman Nellie Archibald - Ex-Officio



We use an outside software to house our Agendas and Minutes called ImageSilo.
Please print this page for the instructions that are listed below. 

1.  An image is listed below with login information and this login information must be entered to grant access.
The software can be assessed by clicking here and will appear in the user's internet browser.

ImageSilo Login Information:

The entity Id is 8384

The user name is user

The password is user      

2.  Press the Login button when user information is entered. Another screen will open with a menu on the left.


3. Click on the Downloads button on left menu. 


4. Press the Install Now button for ImageSilo Web Assistant application. Once the application is installed, continue to next step.

5.  Click on the Available Projects button on the left menu. The user will see the folders, Agendas & Minutes of the Board of Commissioners and Town Council. The governing body changed their name in July 2004 from Board of Commissioners to Town Council; therefore, minutes after July 2004 are listed in the Minutes of the Town Council  folder.


6.  Click on the agenda or minutes folder and he/she will search in this folder only. The search screen is below. The user has search options by date(s) or keyword(s). If the user leaves the search options empty, he/she will get all documents filtered by dates. Look at the top center for the arrows for more documents.




Hint: Be sure to use the Clear Criteria button before entering information for the next search.





7. Press the Search button. Another screen will appear with the search results. These results will be by dates or something that looks like this, see below. Don't worry, you have not done anything wrong. It is how keyword searches display. This screen list the date and the first page of text, which is our title page. 

ImageSilo-search full text results

8.  Double click on a search item whether it is a date or full text search results. The document will open in a new internet screen/tab with the menu below.


9.  For further help to search a document, hover the curser over the options at top of the document page for more detail. Greyed out buttons are disabled and cannot be used for task you are attempting. 




Regular meetings of the Commission shall be held at the Wilkesboro Town Hall; provided that if the Chairman so directs, meetings may be held at any other place in the Town. The meeting date is usually the third Wednesday of each month at 2:00 pm.

Special meetings of the Commission may be called at any time by the Chairman, provided that at least forty-eight (48) hours notice is given to each member.

Whenever there is no business for the Commission, the Chairman may dispense with a regular meeting by giving notice to all members no less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to that time set for the meeting.





Formerly known as the Tree Board, the Landscape Planning & Review Board develops and/or updates specifications for the care, protections, pruning, planting, and replacement of publicly owned trees and shrubs in parks, along streets, and in other public areas. Upon request, the Tree Board shall consider, investigate, make findings, report and recommend upon any special matter or question within the commissions scope of work. The board consists of five (5) members that meet as needed on a designated Wednesday of the month.

If you should need further information or a copy of an agenda or minutes not listed, please contact Planning Director at 336-838-3951 ext. 1010 or email for this information.