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We use an outside software to house our Town Council Agendas and Minutes called ImageSilo.
Please print this page for the instructions that are listed below. 

1.  An image is listed below with login information and this login information must be entered to grant access.
The software can be assessed by clicking here and will appear in the user's internet browser.

ImageSilo Login Information:

The entity Id is 8384

The user name is user

The password is user      

2.  Press the Login button when user information is entered. Another screen will open with a menu on the left.


3. Click on the Downloads button on left menu. 


4. Press the Install Now button for ImageSilo Web Assistant application. Once the application is installed, continue to next step.

5.  Click on the Available Projects button on the left menu. The user will see the folders, Agendas & Minutes of the Board of Commissioners and Town Council. The governing body changed their name in July 2004 from Board of Commissioners to Town Council; therefore, minutes after July 2004 are listed in the Minutes of the Town Council  folder.


6.  Click on the agenda or minutes folder and he/she will search in this folder only. The search screen is below. The user has search options by date(s) or keyword(s). If the user leaves the search options empty, he/she will get all documents filtered by dates. Look at the top center for the arrows for more documents.




Hint: Be sure to use the Clear Criteria button before entering information for the next search.





7. Press the Search button. Another screen will appear with the search results. These results will be by dates or something that looks like this, see below. Don't worry, you have not done anything wrong. It is how keyword searches display. This screen list the date and the first page of text, which is our title page. 

ImageSilo-search full text results

8.  Double click on a search item whether it is a date or full text search results. The document will open in a new internet screen/tab with the menu below.


9.  For further help to search a document, hover the curser over the options at top of the document page for more detail. Greyed out buttons are disabled and cannot be used for task you are attempting. 



How do I find out the Town Council Meeting schedule?

Click here for the schedule.

Are Town Council meetings open to the public?

sunshine lawsYes, each official meeting of a public body shall be open to the public, and any person is entitled to attend such a meeting. The goal of government transparency is at the heart of the Open Meetings Law. All meetings of public bodies and decision-making by public bodies must be conducted openly to give meaning to the state's official policy that government operations are the people's business. The North Carolina Open Meetings Law legislates the methods by which public meetings are conducted and the North Carolina General Statutes Article 33C, 43‑318.9-18 define the law.

What are Public Hearings?

public-hearingsA set date and time has been announced that the public will be ask to express their opinion to Council regarding a specific topic the Council is going to vote on.  (This vote may or may not be done at this meeting.)

How do you have a voice at Town Meetings?

At least once each month, there will be a Public Comment period when the presiding officer will ask for Public Comment.  The presiding officer will give instructions on how to be recognized.

What is the procedure for presenting a topic or request for the town board meeting?

If you would like to be on the agenda, you can call the Town Clerk at Wilkesboro Town Hall about a week before a scheduled meeting and ask to be placed on the agenda by giving your topic (this will not necessarily guarantee a placement) or you may speak during the Public Comment period.  You may or may not be asked to place your name on a speakers list.  At times of large public input, a spokesperson may be asked to speak for a group with similar concerns and time may be limited.

How do you find out what's on an upcoming agenda?

  • Click here.
  • You may call the Town Clerk at the Wilkesboro Town Hall to inquire. 
  • Agendas for the Town Council Meetings are available for the public at the beginning of each meeting.   

What are the duties of the Town Clerk and how do I contact the Town Clerk?

Click here for more information.   

When to fly the American Flag at half staff?

Click here for more information. 


Town Council Members & Town Clerks


Mayors    Year     Mayors Year     Mayors      Year    
J. G. Hackett 1889 J. L. Webster 1899 H. A. Cranor 1941
Jessie T. Ferguson 1892 Frank B. Hendren 1899 W. E. Smithey 1946
J. G. Hackett 1893 Milton McNeil 1901 A. B. Somers 1953
J. M. Turner 1895 John W. White, M.D. 1903 C. G. Bumgarner 1953
C. F. Morrison 1895 R. M. Staley 1905 Fidell F. Frazier 1973
H. L. Green 1896 H. A. Cranor 1909 Pete M. Mann 1995
J. F. Somers 1897 Charles G. Gilreath 1921 Normal Call 1999
Milton McNeil 1897 H. A. Cranor 1925 Mike Inscore 2007
T. M. Crysel 1898 W. E. Harris 1931    
E. M. Welborn 1899 J. F. Jordan 1937    


Town Council Members    Year     Town Council Members     Year     Town Council Members     Year   
D. E. Smoak 1889 Milton McNeill 1901 W. E. Smithey 1935
I. T. Prevette 1889 James M. Welborn 1901 W. A. Stroud 1935
J. C. Hubbard 1889 Julius C. Hubbard 1901 W. A. Stroud 1937
T. S. Miller 1889 D. R. Edwards 1901 W. E. Smithey 1937
John R. Henderson 1890 C. U. Davis 1903 James Lowe 1937
Joseph Welborn 1890 W. W. Barber 1905 G. T. Mitchell, M.D. 1937
Elbert Wallace 1891 C. W. Carlton 1905 Sherman T. Colvard 1941
William McNeill 1891 B. J. Kennedy 1905 C. E. Lenderman 1941
R. M. Staley 1891 J. L. Webster 1905 Paul Osborne 1942
D. E. Smoak 1892 A. L. Combs 1905 Russell Gray JR. 1945
J. F. Somers 1892 C. W. Carlton 1908 Tom Story, JR. 1945
R. A.Deal 1892 N. B. Smithy 1908 Johnson J. Sanders 1947
W. W. Lenderman 1892 Linville Bumgarner 1909 Joe H. Pearson 1947
J. R. Coffey 1893 J. C. Hubbard 1909 Arlon A. Triplett 1947
E. Wallace 1893 W. W. Barber 1909 Russell G. Pearson 1951
Chrles H. Somers 1893 Joseph M. Privette 1912 Robert R. Smoak 1953
J. M. Welborn 1893 J. C. Hubbard 1913 Charlie G. Bumgarner 1953
S. J. Jennings 1893 Nike B. Smithey 1913 William C. Gray 1953
E. M. Pardue 1894 W. W. Barber 1913 George Kennedy 1957
Joseph Lewis 1895 D. R. Edwards 1913 James T. Kinlaw, O.D. 1957
Noah Parlier 1895 J. T. Welborn 1914 M. G. Edwards, D.V.M. 1959
Colubus Morrison 1895 Charlie H. Cowles 1915 Ray Stroud 1963
Elisha Welborn 1895 W. F. Miller 1915 Fidell F. Frazier 1963
J. S. Cranor 1895 Joseph M. Prevette 1915 Richard P. Absher 1965
W. C. Winkler 1895 Thomas M. Foster 1916 Joe Barber 1967
B. S. Call 1896 R. B. Pharr 1916 Joe H. Pearson 1971
R. M. Staley 1896 J. T. Prevette 1917 Fred C. Henderson 1971
J. M. Welborn 1896 Carl A. Lowe 1921 Glenn Johnson 1973
J. F. Somers 1896 A. C. Dennis 1921 Jim Jenkins 1973
W. A. Berry 1896 Presley E. Brown 1921 John P. "Poddy" Horton 1973
David R. Edwards 1897 W. F. Miller 1923 George P. "Red" Snyder 1974
John W. White, M.D. 1897 T. M. Foster 1923 Ray S. Triplette 1977
Joseph T. Welborn 1897 W. B. Somers 1925 William S. Thomas 1977
William W. Barker 1897 Norman O. Smoak 1925 John P. "Poddy" Horton 1981
E. Wallace 1898 J. R. Henderon 1925 Glenn Johnson 1981
Frank D. Hackett 1898 William C. Pearson 1925 George P. "Red" Snyder 1982
W. C. Winkler 1898 W. E. Harris 1929 Joe C. McMillian 1982
J. M. Welborn 1898 W. W. Barber 1929 Rebecca McMillian 1992
C. H. Cowles 1899 Joe H. Pearson 1929 Dennis R. Riddle 1993
E. Wallace 1899 B. J. Kennedy 1929 Tommy Bumgarner 1995
J. M. Welborn 1899 W. E. Smithey 1930 James S. Hartley 1997
W. C. Winkler 1899 C. E. Lenderman 1931 Mike Inscore 1997
J. H. Lewis 1899 Claude Kennedy 1931 Gary Blevins 2003
J. L. Webster 1899 O. F.Eller 1932 Everette "Skipper" Solomon 2006
W. W. Vannoy 1899 H. A. Cranor 1932 Sam Stroud 2007
C. H.Cowles 1899 Joe Barber 1933 Jimmy C. Hayes 2007
J. C. Hubbard 1900 Ralph Reins 1933 J. Gary Johnson 2007
C. J. Cowles 1900 L. B. Dula 1935 Nellie Archibald 2009
W.W. Vannoy 1900 J. R. Henderon 1935 Michael Testerman 2011
J. L. Webster 1900 C. A. Lowe 1935 Russell F Ferree 2013 
Rufus A. Spainhour 1901 C. T. Doughton 1935 Claude Andrew Soots 2013 


Town Clerks                         Year      Town Clerks                      Year       Town Clerks                       Year     
Joseph T. Welborn 1889 C. U. Davis 1903 L. L. Lunn 1937
R. A. Deal 1889 R. A. Deal 1905 J. R. Henderson 1937
John B. Deal 1892 Buel S. Call 1909 J. F. Jordan 1941
W. C. Winkler 1893 Henry Reynolds 1915 J. R. Henderson 1947
Claude Y. Miller 1893 L. B. Dula 1919 J. C. Harwell 1955
Charlie H. Somers 1895 W. F. Miller 1922 Ima W. Holbrook 1956
Charles L. Shore 1898 L. B. Dula 1923 I. Dean Rhoades 1971
H. A. Cranor 1899 Linville Bumgrner 1929 Harold L. Rockett 1989
John L. Webster 1899 Oliver F. Blevins 1929 Josephine F. Cass 1992
C.L. Shore 1900 J. R. Hendren 1935 James K. Byrd 2010
Frank B. Hendren 1901 F. J. McDuffie 1936    


Mike Inscore

Mayor Mike Inscore

Mayor Inscore was re-elected for his third term as Mayor in December 2015 and this is a four year term. Mike was first elected to the Wilkesboro Town Council in 1997 and was re-elected to the Town Council in 2000 and 2004. He was elected Mayor in 2007 and 2011. Wilkesboro's Town Council involvement includes co-chair of Wilkesboro Police Department, co-chair of sewer department, Board of Directors of Wilkes Heritage Museum, Wilkesboro Tourism Development, Authority, Ex-Officio of Wilkesboro Planning Board, Ex-Officio of Wilkesboro Historical Preservation, and Regional Transportation Advisory Committee. He is member of the Wilkesboro United Methodist Church, member of the church Lay Leadership Committee, and member of the Ecclesia Sunday School Class. He was employed with Lowes Home Improvement Warehouses at the Corporate Offices for 24 years before retiring.

Contact Information: 1626 Skyland Drive, Wilkesboro, NC 28697 Home: 336-838-8786  Town Hall: 336-838-3951 ext. 244   email 




Russell Ferree

Mayor Pro Tem Russell F. Ferree

Councilman Ferree was elected to his first term on the Town Council in December 2013 and this is a four year term. He was assigned by the Mayor to focus on the areas co-chair of Wilkesboro Police Department, member of the High Country Council of Governments, co-chair of the sewer department, street lighting, co-chair of the Wilkesboro Fire Department, Main Street Merchants Association and Ex-Officio of the Zoning Board of Adjustments. He has a small real estate law practice locally.

Contact Information: Office: 100 North Bridge Street, Wilkesboro, NC 28697 Law Office: 336-838-0024 OR Town Hall: 838-3951 email 






Jimmy Hayes

Town Councilman Jimmy Hayes

Jimmy was re-elected to his second term on the Town Council in December 2011 and this is a four year term. Jimmy was first elected to the Wilkesboro Town Council in 2007. He was assigned by the Mayor to focus on the areas of the streets, sidewalks, finance department, equipment, cemetery board, utilities at municipal buildings and co-chair of the Wilkesboro Fire Department.

Contact Information: 1523 Laurel Road, Wilkesboro, NC 28697  Home: 336-667-3994   Cell: 336-984-0400  email







Gary Johnson

Town Councilman J. Gary Johnson

Council Johnson was elected to a second term on the Town Council in December 2015 and this is a four year term. Gary was first elected to the Wilkesboro Town Council in 2007 and 2015. He was assigned by the Mayor to focus on areas of sanitation, recycling, safety, budgeting, ch-chair of the water department, member of the Blue Ridge Opportunities Commission, personnel compensation and employee benefits, and the Ex-Officio of the ABC Board. 

Contact Information: Wilkesboro Town Hall, 203 West Main Street, PO Box 1056, Wilkesboro, NC 28697  Tel: 336-838-3951 ext. 231  Fax: 336-838-7616 email  





Nellie Archibald

Town Councilwoman Nellie Archibald

Nellie Hubbard Archibald is a life long resident of Wilkesboro her entire life except for the period she was in college and a few years after that spent in Raleigh and Charlotte. She is a 1981 graduate of Wilkes Central High School and a 1985 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, with a degree in journalism. 

She was assigned by the Mayor to focus on areas of civic center, co-chair of the water department, buildings, parks and recreation, Member of the Wilkes County EDC, Wilkes Chamber of Commerce, and Ex-officio of the Landscape and Planning Review Board.

She was elected to the Wilkesboro council in 2009, and served as mayor pro tem. She didn’t seek re-election, primarily because her father was failing in health. She served six years on the Wilkesboro Planning Board. Archibald is a member of First United Methodist Church of North Wilkesboro. She and her husband are on the advisory board of the College of Arts and Sciences at Appalachian State University. She is a member of the Wilkes YMCA. Archibald is advertising manager for the Wilkes Journal-Patriot. She has been married to Jim Archibald for 27 years and they have a daughter Mary Frances Archibald and a son Pat Archibald. 

Contact Information: Wilkesboro Town Hall, 203 West Main Street, PO Box 1056, Wilkesboro, NC 28697  Tel: 336-838-3951 ext. 231  Fax: 336-838-7616 

John Willardson

Town Attorney John S. Willardson

John S. Willardson is a native of Santa Monica, California and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he completed a double major in Spanish and Political Science.  Following undergraduate school, he served six years in the US Army Reserve.  Following law school at UNC-CH, he served as a research assistant to a judge at the North Carolina Court of Appeals in Raleigh before moving to Wilkes County. John is peer review rated "A-V" by Martindale Hubbell and has been repeatedly honored as one of North Carolina's Super Lawyers. John serves on many professional boards including the NC State Bar Council, the Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism, the NC Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Council and Committee for the Independence of the Judiciary. John has served on the boards of many local organizations including the Wilkes Family YMCA, the North Wilkesboro Kiwanis Club, Wilkes ADAP, Hospice, the Wilkes Art Gallery, Wilkes Babe Ruth League baseball, and Wilkes Flying Club.   In 2010, he was chosen by the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina to receive its highest honor-- the Red Triangle Award--for his many years of leadership and volunteer service to the Wilkes Family YMCA.  

John and his wife, Ann, met while students at UNC, live in Wilkesboro, are members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and have one son, Jonathan Drew Willardson, also a UNC-CH  graduate and  a 2014 graduate of the Charlotte School of Law.

Contact Information: 206 East Main Street, Wilkesboro, NC 28697.  Tel: 336-838-5129   email  website


Ken Noland

Town Manager Ken Noland 

Ken has served as Town Manager since 1999. Ken is a graduate of the Appalachian State University where he received a Bachelor of Science and continued his education, where he received his Master of Public Administration from the UNC Chapel Hill. Ken serves at the appointment of the Town Council and acting as Administrative Head of the Town. Ken is married to Mary Jane and they have two daughters.

Contact Information: Wilkesboro Town Hall, 203 West Main Street, PO Box 1056, Wilkesboro, NC 28697   Tel: 336-838-3951 ext. 231   Fax: 336-838-7616  email






Jim Byrd

Town Clerk James K. Byrd 

The town clerk position is one of the oldest positions in local government; as they are to act as the record keepers for the town. For the official job description, you may see the town ordinances by clicking here. Jim has served as Town Clerk since December 2010 and Tax Collector since being hired by the Town in December 2003. Jim received an Associate degree in Commerce from Henry Ford Community College and continued his education at Eastern Michigan University before graduating from Lenoir-Rhyne College with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Jim received his Certified Tax Collector status thru the School of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2006. He and his wife since 1984, Paula, have two grown sons. He has been a member of Peace Haven Baptist Church since 1979 and serves on many committees.

Contact Information: Wilkesboro Town Hall, 203 West Main Street, PO Box 1056, Wilkesboro, NC 28697   Tel: 336-838-3951 ext 234    Fax: 336-838-7616   email





Photos by Cassie Stone Photography 




 Located at Wilkesboro Town Hall, 203 West Main Street, Wilkesboro, NC 28697.


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