Admin. Finance Personnel


Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday- Friday
Office Address: Wilkesboro Town Hall, 203 West Main Street, Wilkesboro, NC
Mailing Address: PO Box 1056, Wilkesboro, NC 28697
Tel: 336-838-3951   Fax: 336-838-7616

The Town's Administration Department is responsible for the overall administration and operations of Town's services and departments, along with carrying out the actions and polices of the Wilkesboro's Town Council.

The Town of Wilkesboro is a Council-Manager Form of Government, which combines the leadership of elected officials, Mayor and four Town Council Members, with the professional experience of an appointed local government administrator, who implements the Town Council's set policies for the operation of the Town.


TOWN MANAGER - Ken Noland   

In May 1999, the Town Council named Ken Noland as Town Manager. Ken is a graduate of the Appalachian State University where he received a Bachelor of Science and continued his education, where he received his Master of Public Administration from the UNC Chapel Hill. Ken serves at the appointment of the Town Council and acting as Administrative Head of the Town. The Manager's office ensures implementation of local, state and federal laws and regulations/policies and is responsible for preparing Town Council Meeting Agendas. Other responsibilities include preparing the budget, directing day-to-day operations, directing the Town's department heads, public information, citizen communication, revenue and expenditure forecasts, and townwide projects such as performance measurement and operational studies.








IMG 2463-1

Rental Fee: $125.00 per day

Deposit: $150.00  Effective 10/01/2016

Payment Requirements: Deposit must be paid within 7 days of the civic center reservation or name will be removed from rental calendar. Once your name is removed,it will rented on a first come, first serve basis. The deposit is refundable - if condition is left according to lease agreement & checklist.  

no alcohol 2Other Requirements:

- A government issued photo ID is required.  
- You will be required to sign a lease agreement and it must be signed by the lessee/tenant.  

Rental Time:

New rental hours effective October 1, 2016 will be 7:30 AM to 12 midnight.  No early entry or late exit or you will loose your deposit. It will be monitored by the police department. *** If you need to decorate the day or evening before event, you will need to rent center for an additional day - no exceptions per town management****

Payment locations:

no smoking inside bldg 1

1)  Wilkesboro Town Hall, 203 West Main Street, Wilkesboro, NC
2) Night Deposit Box at the Wilkesboro Town Hall located beside the drive-thru window & is available 24/7.
3) Mail to: Town of Wilkesboro Civic Center, PO Box 1056, Wilkesboro, NC 28697.

Payment Methods:  

Cash, Money Order, Checks, Credit or Debit cards via above payment locations.

Payments cannot be taken over the telephone or online

Pickup Key:

You must have paid the rental fee & deposit, signed a contract, and have provided photo ID. Key must be picked up by renter at Wilkesboro Town Hall, 203 West Main Street, Wilkesboro, NC one-two days in advance. Town Hall hours are 8:00 AM - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday. 

Returning the key:

Key must be returned the next morning before noon. If rental is on a weekend, on Monday morning. 

1) Night deposit box at the Wilkesboro Town Hall located at the drive-thru window. Available 24/7.

2) Inside the Wilkesboro Town Hall at the payment counter or drive thru window.

Deposit Refunds:

Once your rental is over, the renter will be refunded their deposit after 30 days, if the center is left in accordance of your lease terms, the checklist posted, no damage and no violations were found. 


  • 16 - 8 ft rectangular tables
  • Approx. 115 chairs
  • Sofas, chairs, and other furniture
  • Kitchen equipped with 2 sinks, 2 dishwashers, 2 ovens, 2 stovetops and 1 side-by-side refrigerator - not commercial grade
  • Kitchen has 2 serving windows
  • No silverware, dishes, pots or pans
  • Speaker stand - No intercom / speaker system
  • Indoor flag stand sets with cords & tassels - US & NC flags
  • Large retractable screen 
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • No electronics such as TV, projector or sound system
  • Stage lighting
  • Telephone - local calls only
  • Large trash cans provided and is located behind the building. Dumpsters are also on-site as well
  • Handicap accessible facilities
  • No ladders or tools for decorating
  • No cooking appliances larger than a coffee maker or crockpot will be allowed. The maximum limit is 3 small appliances without prior written approval by lessor. The lessee will forfeit deposit for more than 3 small appliances or for using commercial/industrial appliances. The wiring is not sufficient to handle the electrical load of more than the limit or commercial or industrial grade appliances.

Occupancy Capacity:

civic center occupancy

Different occupancy capacities with different types of furniture (see table beside).  



Civic Center Layout Map 








Cemetery Ordinance 

The Town of Wilkesboro owns and operates two cemeteries – Mountain Park Cemetery and Old Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Town staff are responsible for the grounds maintenance and maintaining the maps for the cemeteries.

mountain park cemetery sign2

Mountain Park Cemetery

The Town of Wilkesboro undertook the Mountain Park Cemetery on June 5, 1995. It is located on South Bridge Street and is actively open for new burials. Presently, there are two sections – an old and new. The old section has a total of 370 gravesites in sections A, B, 5, 7 and 8. This section is the only section open for new burials. The new section will have 772 gravesites and gravesites are not yet available for purchase until the old section is full. The old section map indicates that a few names on plots were not recorded prior to our ownership and no grave markers can be located.

Since October 2014 through present, Bill Frawley,Ed.D has voluteered his time at Mountain Park Cemetery to  clean, level and preserve grave markers and locate unmarked graves. During this time, Mr. Frawley has continued further beautification of our cemetery along with creating a comprehensive Excel document that list all burials in the cemetery. A great deal of research was done at the Wilkes County courthouse and funeral homes to find birth/death dates when not listed on markers at the cemetery. Since this time, the volunteers and town staff have located about fifteen graves without markers and has decided to provide simple markers for those graves. A list of burials by names and location [Block.Plot.Lot] will be provided at the end of 2015 or early 2016. If you have questions prior to this time, please contact the cemetery administrator

A discounted rate shall be applied to the purchase of burial rights for any citizen of the Town of Wilkesboro. Please see the current Schedule of Fees for all gravesite rates.

Mountain Park Burials by Name in Alphabetical Order as of 03/16/2017
Mountain Park Burials by Block Order as of 03/16/2017

presb cemetery

Old Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Old Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located between South Street and Henderson Street and is closed to new burials. As of March 1987, the Old Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery contains 170 marked graves. Eleven graves are marked with fieldstones with no inscriptions. Nine graves are marked with stones, which at one time may have had inscriptions, but are presently illegible. The remaining 150 graves have markers with at least some readable inscriptions. Research indicates that many other persons were buried in this cemetery, but no markers exist at this time to identify the exact locations of those graves. George F. and Joyce D. McNeil gathered this information about the cemetery in March of 1987 and the Town presently administers this information.



The Accounts Payable department is responsible for the payment of all Town of Wilkesboro obligations/debts. The Town's fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. As the payer of Town's obligations, it is our goal to make payments to vendors in a timely and efficient manner. Invoice submission deadline is every Friday at 5:00 pm for the following week's check processing but are paid at our standard terms of net 30 days. 

*******No work shall be started until all steps and forms are turned into the Finance Dept.*******

Accounts Payable Forms:  (see links below)

- Vendor Forms/Packet 

W-9 Form    

- NC Sales Tax Report/Affidavit


Step 1: Vendor Information Form 

The vendor is asked to complete a form to provide the town with your company's information, an accounting contact person, payment terms, what the vendor sell or services, and etc. Also you will find our terms and conditions inside this packet as well.


Step 2: E-Verify for contracts/purchase orders involving construction, contractual or service work.

An e-verify form is included in the Vendor Information Packet and is required by all vendors. 

2017 Legislative Update - H306

2015 Legislative update - H318

2014 Legislative update - H369v8

Original 2013 Legislation - H786/Session Law 2013-418-clarify which employers are subject to the NC's E-Verify laws.

For more information on federal E-Verify laws, click here

For list of E-verify FAQs from the UNC School of Government, click here.


Step 3: NC Sales & Use Taxes for the "Contractor" Form

For invoices with NC Sales and Use Tax on a separate line: Most invoices will more than likely will be shipped to Wilkes County, NC where the NC sales tax rate is 7%. If product is picked up in a different county, please charge that county’s sales tax rate since NC sales tax is charged according to where the product is delivered.


sales tax affidavitFor invoices without NC Sales and Use taxes on a separate line: If your company reports your sales and use tax directly to NC Department of Revenue, your invoices to the Town are not required to have the sales and use tax broken out on a separate line. However, your company is required to certify your company paid sales tax to your supplier(s) and this tax must be reported to the Town on a Sales And Use Tax Reporting Affidavit. The form is located at link above or by clicking on the form image and must be completed for each invoice submitted to the Town along with your supplier’s invoice(s). Payment will only be made when your company’s invoice is submitted along with the completed affidavit and your supplier’s invoice(s). 

This affidavit and supplier's invoices are only released to the NC Department of Revenue during any future sales tax audit(s). We do not share this information with any other persons nor will we sell your information to anyone.


Step 4:  Certificate of Insurance

sample COIThe vendor SHALL NOT BEGIN ANY WORK until a standard Certificate of Insurance to include Employer’s General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurances have been received by the Town Clerk. Please contact James K. Byrd at Tel: 336-838-3951 X 234, Fax: 336-838-7616 or email.  

The Contractor and sub-contractor(s) agree that during the term of his/her contract, at their sole cost and expense, shall provide commercial insurances with terms and limits as may be reasonably associated with any contracts and/or services, unless stated differently.

- Vendor/Contracted Worker definition – includes any person or company who enters onto our town owned premises to provide construction, contractual or service related work.


Step 5: Beer / Wine License

Who needs a Beer or Wine Business License? Click here to find out.   





The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining and administering the Town's fiscal operations in accordance with:

    • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB).
    • Accounting and financial reporting requirements of GASB Statement No. 54.
    • Accounting procedures required by local, state and federal laws.
    • Work closely with the Local Government Commission in accordance with the Local Government Fiscal Control Act.

The Finance Director and the finance department staff direct the fiscal operations include:

  • Budgeting
  • Accounting and financial reportingBusiness Ledger
  • Cash management
  • Investments
  • Fixed assets
  • Internal control
  • Debt service management
  • Grant revenues
  • Occupancy taxes
  • Invoicing
  • Purchasing and contracts
  • Accounts payable
  • Personnel & employee benefits
  • Payroll
  • Civic center rental & revenues
  • Utility billing & revenues
  • Privilege licensing & revenues
  • Tax collections & revenues
  • Cemetery plot revenues
  • Fire inspection fees
  • Planning, zoning & Community Development Permit fees
  • Parking tickets
  • Any other miscellaneous billings
  • This department works to maintain the general ledger and all subsidiary ledgers, preparation of reconciliation reports, insuring compliance with the Annual Budget Ordinance, reporting to State and Federal agencies, updating the Capital Improvements Plan and preparation of the annual Operating Budget. It is our priority to manage the Town’s financial affairs in compliance with all Federal and State laws and reporting requirements in a manner that is worthy of honor since "public confidence in government depends on proper stewardship of public monies".  


    Local Government Commission

    UNC School of Government - Local Government Finance Programs