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Finley-Law-OfficeThe Wilkesboro Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) was established by the Town Board in 2004. Its mission is to identify, study, and protect Wilkesboro's historic resources. These resources may range from significant architectural features to archaeological resources. The HPC consists of citizen volunteers that are assisted in their duties by Town planning staff. Historic preservation efforts like Wilkesboro's are not established to prevent change, but rather to ensure that future changes to properties are consistent with the historic character of the site or district.

A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is a document issued by the HPC indicating the Commission's approval of proposed exterior alterations, new construction, or demolition of any building which is located in a historic district or which is a locally designated individual historic property.  Structures include buildings, masonry walls, fences, light fixtures, steps and pavement, and other appurtenant features.  Above ground utilities and outdoor advertising signs require a COA as well.  Exterior features are defined to include, among other things, architectural style, size and scale of buildings, and types and styles of doors and windows. The HPC may define exterior features also to include historic signs, color, and landscape, archaeological, and natural features of the area. Property owners should consult HPC staff before any exterior work is begun to determine if a Certificate of Appropriateness is needed.

It is important to plan projects well in advance because: the review process requires a certain amount of lead time.

  • Applications should be complete and submitted to the Planning Department staff no later than fifteen working days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Commission (3rd Tuesday of each month).
  • Property owners are urged to submit their applications as early as possible so that the staff can determine if the application is complete; that is, all illustrative material necessary to describe the project has been submitted.
  • The applicant is encouraged to be present during the Commission meeting when the application is being considered. If the applicant cannot attend, a representative who can speak for and legally bind the applicant should be present.
  • The applicant and any adjacent property owners will be given the opportunity at the meeting to make comments or to ask questions.



Application for Certificate of Approriateness 

Other Resources: 

Historic Guidelines for Historic Wilkesboropdf-icon


Secretary of Interior Federal Standards Guidelines


 Historic Downtown Wilkesboro Nomination Report



These are the minimal submission requirements. The Board of Adjustment may require additional information. You are encouraged to submit copies of available property surveys, recorded easements etc.

Instructions for Filing an Application:

  • The petitioner for a conditional use permit must complete the application in full. The application will not be processed unless all information is provided.
  • An accurate plot plan of the property in question must accompany the application. The plot must be drawn by a registered land surveyor, licensed engineer, or licensed architect. The drawing should include:
    • North arrow, scale and date;
    • Extent of area to be developed;plot-example2
    • Locations and widths of all easements and rights-of-way within or adjacent to the site;
    • Location of all existing or proposed structures on the site;
    • Location of all areas on the site subject to flood hazard or inundation as shown on flood maps or soil maps;
    • Location of all water courses on the site, including direction flow;
    • Existing topography at a contour interval of five (5) feet based on mean sea level datum;
    • Proposed or existing fencing, screening, gates, parking, service, and storage areas;
    • Access to the site including sight distances of all roads used for access;
    • Architectural elevations of all structures proposed to be used in the development;
    • Names and addresses of owners and applicants;
    • A fee, as set by the Town Council yearly in the Schedule of Fees.

NOTE: The Board of Adjustment reserves the right to require additional information where such submission is necessary to insure compliance with applicable criteria in the individual case.

  • The petitioner shall submit to the Planning Department a list of all adjoining property owners within five hundred (500) feet of the property which is the subject of the action, with the current mailing address of each. Written notice shall be sent to all property owners not less than ten (10) days before the hearing date. Adjacent property owners are those whose property lies within five hundred (500) feet of the affected property and whose names and addresses are currently listed in the Wilkes County tax records.
  • The applicant shall submit the following with the application and the plan:The application must be signed by those who are authorized to appeal to the Board of Adjustment for a conditional use permit.
    • Tax Map
    • Tax Card
  • For more information and assistance, call the Town of Wilkesboro Director of Planning at (336)838-3951 or email.


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This is part of the phase II of the Cub Creek Restoration that was completed in Spring 2012.