Complete Plan 

The purpose of the Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan is essentially to create a document to guide the Town of Wilkesboro in the (1) planning, (2) design, (3) financing, (4) implementation, and (5) maintenance of the Town’s pedestrian system. The plan is designed to enhance and prioritize capital improvements and maintenance projects for the Town with special Consideration for addressing critical pedestrian transportation and safety and addressing Americans with Disabilities Act compliance issues.


The goals of the Wilkesboro Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan are to:   

  • Enhance the pedestrian environment and increase opportunities to choose walking as a safe mode of transportation;
  • Improve the health of citizens in the Town of Wilkesboro;
  • Develop standards that enhance livability, economic opportunity, safety, and quality of life; and
  • Promote pedestrian activity as a viable alternative to automobile use.



Image from Comprehensive Plan.